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When the family- couple consultation is useful?

  • Don't exist common interests and the will to spend time together.
  • Only one partner is taking unilateral decisions about money, vacations, children education, meeting friends and sexual activities etc.
  • The trust is lost or not possible anymore to each other.
  • One or both partners don't feel support and understanding of each other.
  • Partner conversations are limited only around ods and ends, different subjects are not being discussed.
  • One or both partners can't forgive old offences and unsolved problems.
  • Relationship is being influenced by one or both partners family members.

If you can mark one or more of these items , there might exist the reason for consultation with the specialist, if you can't solve it out on your own.

  • The experience and research proves that couple therapy is more effective if it's starts secular , not at the moment, when one of the partner thinks , that the split up is inescapable.
  • To reasure the partner to go for consultation is not always possible. The reason is fear , very often and not willing to involve unknown person into private life. In this case one partner can start consultation and the other can take part later on, when he/she fells emotionaly ready.
  • Receiving the necessary psychological support is giving the ability to recognize the inner resources for better relationship development.
  • The psychologist can help to realize the reasons of unhappy relationship and to escape from getting at the same problems.
  • One of the most important thing , that the psychologist does , is teaching , how to communicate with each other. While the partners haven't learned the effective comunication, is almost impossible to solve the new problems or the old ones and to feel emotional intimacy.
  • The psychologist takes care , that during the consultation between both partners should exist communication without mutual offending and to give the word to both partners.
  • The psychologist task is to stay in neutral position and to encourage partners mutual communication and understanding.