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What is support programmes?
The support programme aim.

  • The support programs are one of the most effective and sometimes, one of the most necessary mutual aid service for people.
    The support programmes structure is : to solve out the problem, to share the own experience with others.
    In support programmes people are with similar problems actualizing the difficulties, pressures, listening to other individuals point of view.
    The meeting time of support programmes is at the certain time and certain place. For the best results is to work in long term at least one month once per week.
    The general idea of these groups are to help each other with certain things in life- work, relationship, children, self-esteem, etc.
    To support each other to share with experience not standing aside but giving a chance for yourself and somebody else to improve mutual communication between each other.

The school of self - confidence improvement for modern people.

Main idea: Inspired training for people, oriented to develop and improve healthy self confidence, that fits with inner confidence and belief.

Main tasks:

  • To find out more about your skills, talents, inner resources;
  • To be confident about own activities and choice;
  • Improve positive life viewpoint;
  • To trust yourself, to rely on yourself confidence , discovering your uniqueness ;
  • To get new viewpoint about already known subjects and relationships ;
  • To learn how to love yourself and respect your own feelings ;
  • To find out answers about- how I see myself? How I see other people? How other people see me?

Why is important to take part in this training?

For everyday success and happiness we need to have self- confidence. Self -confidence attitude, thinking and behaviour is possible to reanimate and can improve every person in the world. It is possible to get rid off old habits and create new, natural behaviour ways. Right now is wonderful opportunity to change ourselves to became a master of your life. Let's get influenced and inspired from each other stories and experiences . Being with people of common interests are much easier to keep going and achieve new global changes in yourselves. High self- confidence will aid achievements in life.
First of all if you respect and love yourself then all negative situations, that occur will dissolve faster and fly away.
Second, to improve your knowledge and skills is motivation for further development . The main person in this world, whom you need to acquire love and sympathy is YOU, YOURSELF.

What we will have after training?

Benefits - the main benefits is stronger, self -confidence . People who have high regard and expectations are more likely to be successful at work and also private life.

The age and gender.

NO restrictions in age or gender, professions.


Theoretical and practical exercises, discussions, tasks, recording to group common interests.