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When to look for psychologist?

To enumerate all difficulties, that occur in our life are impossible, because we all react and act different.  It is wrong impression, that to look for psychologist help, goes only ‘’stupid’’, ‘’strange’’, ‘’dump’’ people with mental disease. Honestly only very matured and strong willed people, have ability to talk with unknown person, in this case psychologist about occurred troubles. We all need support more or less. It might happen, that  we can’t mention any reason, that is bothering us, but  we still feel:

  • Bad;
  • Bad mood;
  • Mood changes hundreds time per day without any reason;
  • Lost of happiness;
  • Lost interest about  loved things;
  • Anxiety;
  • Fright;
  • No strenght, energy, will  to do anything;
  • Can’t make decision;
  • Feeling of loneliness;
  • Feeling of misunderstanding;
  • Suicide idea, plans of it;
  • Can’t find the right place in life;
  • Can’t concentrate;
  • Aggression;
  • Anger;
  • Tearful;
  • Insomnia;
  • Eating disorders.

If you have any of these symptoms, would be good to talk about it with psychologist or at least with family doctor.

To attend psychologist, you can if you want to change something in your life, in your habits, your life attitude, towards yourself and close people,  to improve communication skills, etc.

The difference between your relatives , friends, acquaintance, the psychologist is not involved in your everyday routine and has neutral point of view and can give objective look towards it.

The structure of individual consulting process.

Psychologist with the client formulate together the consultation purpose.
Psychologist helps to solve out the problems of this moment and to orientate the client into present and future.

  • Ability to talk about main issues, questions.
  • To be accepted and understandable.
  • Client can choose him/herself , how much he/her wants to talk and trust the psychologist.  As more trust as better results.
  • Ability to be honest and opened with yourself, not pretending anything.
  • Ability to understand and accept yourself and your life style, trouble.
  • Ability to change the behaviour, thinking, attitude.
  • Ability to believe in our own strength and power.
  • Psychologist helps to understand , that the client him/her self is the only  person who can choose to make the changes in the life.

Important: the psychologist has to keep in confidence all information towards other person.

The meeting times for consultation depends on the depth of the problem. There exist situations, when one consultation, can change things properly.