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About me

 Me - psychologist profession

My way into psychology, has started more than 17 years ago. My choice to study social science, was made very spontaneous, at that time, I even didn't realize the seriousness of my decision. As every professional in its own field, I keep myself still in studies and try to attend different seminaries locally and abroad. This is the best way how to enlarge and improve new ideas, approaches for my own psychologist practice.

           Nowadays, still a lot of people have  wrong impression about psychologist generally. Some people think, that psychology consultation will create more problems, than before, instead of bringing up new solutions.  My advice   before you go to psychologist is to read, what to expect from psychological consulting process. Nowadays exist a lot of different therapies, that can attract everyone taste. The main issue of psychologist is to help the client better to walk through many different life situations, to rethink their own life style and to take decisions themselves. It is true, that cooperating with psychologist, client is going through emotional experience and it is natural, because starting to change ’’ex comfort zone’’, where the things were known and acceptable, is not easy, but keep going towards the main goal,  destination is unbelievably good and the results are long term and permanent. Sometimes we have to meet face to face with difficult situations, when the best support and positive conformation about yourself can only be given by professional psychologist. Psychologist has necessary knowledge about psyche, emotional conditions, behaviour and can find the hidden inner resources.

My own life events, have influenced me lot and has changed my thinking and understanding towards many things. My own experience is an extra bonus in my professional activities.

My work experience was always very close engaged with human resources. My deepest will is to help people to be really happy – here and now, keeping to achieve future goals with the strong self-confidence and believe in themselves, neutralizing negative thoughts, that sometimes are pushing us to take the wrong life turn. Very important thing is to have inside balance and resistance towards any unexpected changes.

The substantial point  is, that if you really want to change something, you always will.

Don't wait for opportunity, create it yourself and achieve any of your life goals. 


2016.y. Riga Teacher training and Education Management academy (RPIVA) Grade: master degree /psychologist qualification. 
2002.y. Riga Teacher training and Education Management academy (RPIVA) Grade: bachelor degree in social science/ marketing psychologist.

Extra education

2016.y. Riga Teacher training and Education Management academy (RPIVA)
Grade: master degree /psychologist qualification. 
2002.y. Riga Teacher training and Education Management academy (RPIVA)
Grade: bachelor degree in social science/ marketing psychologist. 
Extra education
2017.g. – ‘’The Achenbach test’’, certificate (Latvian clinical psychologist association)
2016.g. – ‘’ The individual educational reproach with the different children studying abilities 
( A), certificate ( Jēkabpils information and technology center, Latvia)
2016.g.’’Non-vioelent communication instructor’’, certificate (School of Empathy Latvia, Marcus Stuck, Germany)
2015.g. - 2016.g.- ‘’ Color care therapy’’, certificate ( Art and science international academy of color technologies, Mike Booth, UK)
2016.g. – ‘’Mindfulness training program for children’’, certificate ( Christopher Willard, ASV)
2015.g.-’’ Crisis intervention program, certificate (Crisis and Consultation center Skalbes, Latvia)
2015g.- ‘’Transpersonal art therapy’’, certificate (Socrates academy, Latvia)
2015g. -’’Resolution letter preparing’’, certificate (Latvian clinical psychologist association)
2015g.- ‘’Aromatherapy ’’, certificate.(Grasse institute of perfumery, France)
2015g. - ’’ Short term psychological consultation’’, certificate (Latvian health psychology association) 
2015.g. -’’ NLP couching’’, certificate (New psychologist center, Latvia)
2013.g. - ‘’Marte Meo ‘’, certificate ( Marte Meo international training program)


Latvian professional psychologist association ( LPPA)
Healthy education center member (

Lector in Conference:

2016.g. – XII International new scientist conference, certificate: ‘’ 8-9y. children empathy and emotional regulation changes in non - violent communication program by M. Rosenberg’’.

When to look for psychologist?

To enumerate all difficulties, that occur in our life are impossible, because we all react and act different.  It is wrong impression, that to look for psychologist help, goes only ‘’stupid’’, ‘’strange’’, ‘’dump’’ people with mental disease. Honestly only very matured and strong willed people, have ability to talk with unknown person, in this case psychologist about occurred troubles. We all need support more or less. It might happen, that  we can’t mention any reason, that is bothering us, but  we still feel:

  • Bad;
  • Bad mood;
  • Mood changes hundreds time per day without any reason;
  • Lost of happiness;
  • Lost interest about  loved things;
  • Anxiety;
  • Fright;
  • No strenght, energy, will  to do anything;
  • Can’t make decision;
  • Feeling of loneliness;
  • Feeling of misunderstanding;
  • Can’t find the right place in life;
  • Can’t concentrate;
  • Aggression;
  • Anger;
  • Tearful;

If you have any of these symptoms, would be good to talk about it with psychologist or at least with family doctor.

To attend psychologist, you can if you want to change something in your life, in your habits, your life attitude, towards yourself and close people, to improve communication skills, etc.
The difference between your relatives, friends, acquaintance, the psychologist is not involved in your everyday routine and has neutral point of view and can give objective look towards it.