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Colours for Emotional and Physically Fit

Colours for Emotional and Physically Fit & Energy

Use the colours around you to improve your health, energy, emotional state, change mood.

Working as a psychologist I am very dedicated to art and colour therapy , so I would love to share this articale , with everyone who is fond of creative and love of learning useful things in life as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These days good health and well-being are discussed a lot , because of becoming difficult to achieve it. We take more medicines, and look for outside help to boost our energy, relaxation, calming down, sleeping and coping. We can often do many things by ourselves and for ourselves, by being aware of colours, getting to know what they can do for us, and using them skilfully.

Change colour and change mood

Generally red, orange and yellow are warm and expansive and will energise us and make us feel happy. Blue, indigo and purple are soothing, calming and cooling, and will calm us down and help us relax. Different mental states, emotions and body parts resonate to different colours. Colours can influence a change of mood and attitude. If you lack certain qualities or need to temper others, use colours. Use orange for creativity and assertiveness. Use turquoise if you tend to drive yourself too hard.  To calm anger, use blue.

Colour breathing

Apart from bringing more life-giving oxygen into your body and removing toxins, you can breathe in colours. Breathe in green to cleanse and feel balanced, turquoise to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Colour eating/ Coloured drink

We all know that we should eat our greens. We should also eat yellow, red and a mixture of all other colours. Purple foods help to calm and relax (grapes, blueberries, aubergine, beetroot). White foods cleanse and purify (cauliflower, onion, mushrooms). With a juicer and receipe book, you'll have plenty of ideas. Make a vegetable or fruit cocktail with a chakra colour.

Dress for health

choose your clothes to:

  • Balance your chakras & their related area of the body or mind
  • Boost your energy & vitality
  • Change your mood
  • Alleviate an emotional or psychological state

Colour your home/ Colour your office

Colour your home, for visual pleasure and right colour combining creates balance and harmony.  You can do a lot to change the atmosphere with a few subtle touches. A square of blue paper hidden under a telephone will calm an angry person. Green will soothe the nerves. Orange will pep you up if you’re feeling lethargic. If you feel agitated, don’t have red around you. Have some squares of colour in your desk drawer to use when the need arises.

Don't let health issues control your life

Go for feeling great, and start right now!

You have the power to make yourself ill, so you can also make yourself well. Be more proactive with your health and well-being and the direction your life is going. Be determined, have a plan, then go for it! 

You can make your body look how you want it to look. You can make it sag, and look tired and depressed. You can also alter your posture, lift your head and look upbeat. How do you want to look? 

Your thoughts, feelings and emotions have a powerful effect on your body. The state of your body affects your feelings, mood and self-esteem. Get them all right -­ body, mind, emotions and spirit (the self-worth part of you), and you have whole health.

Not many people die of old age. They die of an illness long before their biological life span. More young people get degenerative diseases, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes 2 and mental disorders.

Don't blame your parents or bad luck. Many health threats are caused by you and your lifestyle.

Science has proved that we can turn our genes on and off by changing our thinking and lifestyle. So, if you sort out your habits, routine and attitude, you can strengthen your resilience to possible inherited illness, turn off weak genes, improve your health and support the life of your descendants.  
Illness is on the up: Flu, respiratory infections, digestive disorders, aches and pains. Cancer Research believes that an unhealthy diet and lifestyle influence many cancers. The British Heart Foundation believes that heart disease is influenced by diet, smoking and lack of exercise.

Increasing health problems include allergies, food intolerance, hyperactivity, asthma, migraines, low sperm count, skin disorders, chronic fatigue, PMS, insomnia.

Emotional health has taken a dive: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, worry, low morale.

Stress is a serious health problem and stops our body working properly. It can cause anxiety, panic attacks, depression, cognitive and behaviour disorders, headaches, dizziness, joint and muscle pain, and especially digestive and bowel problems.

When you feel ‘screwed up’ do you get an upset tummy, the runs, or irritable bowel? Do you ever connect the way you feel and what’s going on in your digestive system?

Change colour & change mood

Colour is pure energy.  Each colour has its own unique energy vibration which aligns with the body’s own energy vibrations to restore its balance.

Have you ever felt low, and selected an energising colour like yellow or orange to wear? When you feel up-tight, do you gravitate towards soothing blue or balancing green? When you need energy, does red make you feel better?

The invisible energy vibration of each colour influences us mentally, emotionally and physically. We often intuitively select the right colour for our needs.  But, if we don’t follow our instincts, we risk the wrong colours and aggravate a bad mood or hype-up when we really want to calm down.

For insomnia red and yellow can be too energetic for your bedroom. If you lack motivation red or orange will give you a boost of energy.  Inspiration and ideas will benefit from yellow.

Express yourself and let your needs be known with blue and turquoise. Access your own inner wisdom with purple.

If you can’t wear the colour you need, have a few different coloured squares of fabric at the ready. Select the colour you want to pop in your pocket or bag, underneath your telephone at work, or even sit on it!