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Colours for Emotional and Physically Fit

Colours for Emotional and Physically Fit & Energy Use the colours around you to improve your health, energy, emotional state, change mood. Working as a psychologist I am very dedicated to art and colour therapy , so I would love to share this articale , with everyone who is fond of creative and love of learning useful things in life as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These days good health and well-being...


Tips for more laughter in your life

Practice laughing 5 min/day. Fake it till you make it. Look for humor around you--on signs, in people's behavior, on TV, in the newspaper, the things others say, the crazy things that happen to you.--Keep a journal. Share your embarrassing moments with other people. Learn to play with things that are serious like work, social issues, money, etc. For example, use word play, silly songs, or...


The best RECIPE for healthy relationship

Trying to have a healthy relationship with the person you love can be frustrating if you've never had an example to guide you. If you've come from a home where your parents didn't have a healthy relationship, so how can you ever have the chance at creating a healthy relationship? If you're curious and love of learning , here is a reciepe of a healthy relationship which were gathered from...